Where to Watch Agatha Christie

There are so many delicious adaptations of Dame Agatha Christie’s work that we wanted to round up the latest and greatest for you in one cozy playlist!

While there will always be a debate over who played Hercule Poirot best or which portrayal of Miss Marple was most faithful, we know that Christie’s stories are alive and well taken care of for generations to come. So sit back and relax, the only difficult decision is to choose which show to stream first.

1. The ABC Murdersmystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-1-abc-murders

Legendary American actor John Malkovich takes the helm as Hercule Poirot as he searches for the elusive murderer, A.B.C. If this dark and sinister version of Poirot isn’t your cup of tea, we highly recommend the David Suchet version of this story. Watch Now

2. And Then There Were Nonemystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-2-and-then-there-were-none

Keep the lights on for this one! This recent adaptation will give you shivers as you watch the ill-fated guests of Mr. U.N. Owen dock ashore Soldier Island. A nailbiter to the end, this version stars Aidan Turner, Toby Stephens (Vexed), Miranda Richardson, Sam Neill, Anna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley Circle), and Charles Dance. Watch Now

3. Crooked Housemystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-3-crooked-house

If you’re looking for a reliable manor mystery that wraps up in under two hours, then watch Crooked House. Marketed as Agatha Christies “most twisted tale,” this unassuming adaptation features a star-studded cast including Glenn Close, Max Irons (yep, that’s Jeremy’s son), Gillian Anderson (The Fall), Amanda Abbington (Sherlock), and Stefanie Martini (Prime Suspect Tennison). Watch Now

4. Marplemystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-4-marple

While some swear by Joan Hickson’s Miss Marple, we prefer this more recent series starring Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie in the role of Christie’s beloved spinster detective. The series is well done, but not overdone, and it’s a pleasure to see some of Britain’s most well-known actors doing what they do best.

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Series 6 Acorn | Hulu Amazon | iTunes | Amazon DVD

5. Murder on the Orient Expressmystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-5-murder-on-the-orient-express

We adore Kenneth Branagh. He’s breathed new life into the Wallander series and now turns his attention to Hercule Poirot. While we’re not sure if he’ll ever compare to David Suchet, we love that he’s brought our favorite Belgian detective to the big screen. This full-length feature film also stars Dame Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, and Penelope Cruz. Watch Now

6. Ordeal by Innocencemystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-6-ordeal-by-innocence

Wait for it… Seriously, you don’t want to rush this adaptation starring Bill Nighy, Morven Christie (Grantchester), Matthew Goode, and Anna Chancellor as the doomed heiress and matron of the Argyll family. Written by screenwriter Sarah Phelps, this version of Christie’s manor mystery does veer from the original novel but is still quite enjoyable to watch. Watch Now

7. The Pale Horsemystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-7-the-pale-horse

Love it or hate it, we have yet another Christie adaptation by Sarah Phelps. Rufus Sewell (Zen) stars as the unfortunate Mark Easterbrook in this dark and gripping adaptation that shockingly omits the Miss Marple character altogether. Watch Now

8. Partners in Crimemystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-8-partners-in-crime

If you’re looking for something lighter to watch, try this delightful adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence stories. David Walliams stars as Tommy and the lovely Jessica Raine brings Tuppence to life as the underestimated housewife who chases adventure and danger in this classic series. Watch Now

9. Poirotmystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-9-poirot

David Suchet’s Hercule Poirot is our most favorite mystery series ever. Enough said.

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Complete Series Amazon DVD

10. Witness for the Prosecutionmystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-10-witness-for-the-prosecution

Haunting and devastating, this adaptation stars American actress Kim Cattrall as the wealthy widow Emily French and Billy Howle as the troubled Leonard Vole who stands accused of her murder. Toby Jones and Andrea Riseborough also star in this brilliant interpretation with most shocking ending. Watch Now

Bonus: Agatha and the Truth of Murdermystery-watchlist-where-to-watch-agatha-christie-11-agatha-and-the-truth-of-murder

Agatha Christie herself comes to life onscreen in this dramatization that finds the famous author solving a real-life murder. Ruth Bradley (The Fall) stars as Christie. Watch Now

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