Where can I watch American Cozy Comfort Mysteries?

Sure we have our network police procedurals and gritty HBO serials, but are there any cozy comfort mysteries made in the U.S. anymore? We did some digging and it turns out that there is an entire cable channel devoted to cozy comfort mysteries!

The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel shows oldies but goodies like Monk, Matlock, Columbo, and Diagnosis Murder and also shows new series that often have a splash of romance and star old sitcom actors and pop singers. While the acting and storylines are a bit cheesy and aren’t as good as British cozy comforts, we’re happy that at least someone is making new American cozy comfort mysteries. Here are a few to get you started:

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

Candice Cameron Bure leaves her Full House past behind and stars as Aurora Teagarden, a librarian whose membership in a crime buff group called the Real Murders Club leads her to investigating real murders. The satisfying series of TV movies are based on the novels written by Charlaine Harris.

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A Bone to Pick Amazon | iTunes | Amazon DVD Amazon | iBook
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A Bundle of Trouble
Last Scene Alive Amazon | iBook
Reap What You Sew

Fixer Upper Mysteries

Pop star Jewel plays Shannon Hughes, a residential contractor who investigates the suspicious deaths that come with flipping real estate. Craig Ferguson stars as Mac Sullivan, an investigative journalist who crosses paths with Shannon and helps her hammer out the killer. The series is based on the books by Kate Carlisle.

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Gourmet Detective

Former soap star Dylan Neal takes the lead in this culinary-themed murder mystery series as the charming chef-turned-sleuth Dylan Ross. Brooke Burns turns up the heat as Maggie Price, the San Francisco police detective who works the cases with Ross. The series is based on the books by Peter King.

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Murder, She Baked

Soap star Alison Sweeney is Hanna Swensen, a bubbly baker who solves tasteless murders in her small town alongside local detective Mike Kinsgston, played by fellow soap star Cameron Mathison. The show is based on the books by prolific crime writer Joanne Fluke.

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The Garage Sale Mysteries

Full House alum Lori Loughlin finds her second wind as antique shop owner Jenn Shannon who discovers bodies while treasure hunting for good deals. Nicknamed “Momlock Holmes” by her son, Jenn is assisted by local detectives in this thrilling series based on the novels by Suzi Weinert.

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Garage Sale Mystery Amazon | iTunes | Amazon DVD
All That Glitters Amazon | iTunes | Amazon DVD
The Deadly Room Amazon DVD
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Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The Novel Murders
The Art of Murder
The Beach Murder
Murder by Text
Murder Most Medieval
A Case of Murder
The Mask Murder
Pandora’s Box

What are your favorite American cozy comfort mysteries?

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