How to Stream British TV from the US and Other Countries

Have you tried watching shows and trailers on international websites only to receive the message that you’re not living in the right country? Well, I use a service called PureVPN to stream British TV from the United States and other countries like Netflix, YouTube, and iTV.

Follow these simple steps to get streaming:

    1. Go to PureVPN/order
    2. Select a plan that fits your budget. We signed up for 2 years since it’s a lot cheaper that paying month-to-month. You can also cancel within 7 days if you’re not happy with the service (but I am definitely happy and hope you are too once you get streaming!).
    3. I purchased the Dedicated IP add-on since this will give you extra security.
    4. Go through the payment gateway, I used Paypal since you can also use a credit card to pay.
    5. You will receive a confirmation email from PureVPN with a username, password, and dedicated IP (if you purchased one). Do not lose this email!
    6. I recommend using the Chrome browser to stream since PureVPN has an easy-to-install and use browser extension where I can manage my account. You are welcome to use other browsers. You will need to have your username and password to login and connect.
    7. To install the PureVPN desktop application, watch this video.
    8. Watch this video for complete instructions about sign-up, installation, and set-up.

I like PureVPN because they have excellent customer service with easy-to-use chat support. If you have any questions, we definitely recommend reaching out to them since they are friendly and always online.

Let me know what new and exciting British TV you’re watching in the comments below!

Affiliate Disclaimer: We use affiliate links on this page, which means that when you make a purchase, we will earn a commission from PureVPN. This commission comes at no additional cost to you and we take care to refer you only to services that we use and trust. Thank you for supporting the Mystery Watchlist!

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