Midsomer Murders Guide to Danger (Part 1)

Looking to live a life of leisure in scenic Midsomer? Beware! While the cute cottages and quaint villages belie a seemingly safe atmosphere, something more sinister is going on. We’ve assembled the Midsomer Murders Guide to Danger (Part 1) to help you navigate which people, places, and pastimes to avoid while visiting Britain’s deadliest county.

Episode Dangerous People, Place, or Pastime
The Killings at Badger’s Drift Snobby aristocrats and nosy parkers in Badger’s Drift
1.1 Written in Blood Midsomer Worthy writer’s circle
1.2 Death of a Hollow Man Amateur theater in Ferne Basset
1.3 Faithful unto Death Investing in the new Mill development in Morton Fendle
1.4 Death in Disguise New Age commune at the Lodge of the Golden Windhorse
2.1 Death’s Shadow Developing property in Badger’s Drift
2.2 Strangler’s Wood Strangler’s Wood in Midsomer Worthy
2.3 Dead Man’s Eleven Playing cricket in Fletcher’s Cross
2.4 Blood Will Out Roving travellers and carnival in Martyr Warren
3.1 Death of a Stranger Fox hunt in Upper Marshwood
3.2 Blue Herrings Nursing home in Aspern Tallow
3.3 Judgement Day “Perfect English Village” competition in Midsomer Mallow
3.4 Beyond the Grave Aspern Tallow Museum
4.1 Garden of Death Midsomer Deverell Manor Estate and Gardens
4.2 Destroying Angel Mushroom hunting in Midsomer Magna
4.3 The Electric Vendetta UFO and crop circle enthusiasts in Midsomer Parva
4.4 Who Killed Cock Robin? Horse riding school in Newton Magna
4.5 Dark Autumn Dance hall in Goodmans Land
5.1 Tainted Fruit Midsomer Malham Horse Society
5.2 Market for Murder Midsomer Market reading club
5.3 A Worm in the Bud Protesting the new development in Midsomer Worthy
5.4 Ring Out Your Dead Bell ringing in Midsomer Wellow
5.5 Murder on St. Malley’s Day Devington School’s St. Malley’s Day foot race
6.1 A Talent for Life Malham Bridge fly fishing club
6.2 Death and Dreams Midsomer Worthy psychiatric clinic
6.3 Painted in Blood Open-air art classes in Midsomer Florey
6.4 A Tale of Two Hamlets Film set of The House of Satan in Upper Warden
6.5 Birds of Prey Falconry in Midsomer Magna
7.1 The Green Man Volunteering for the canal project in Midsomer Worthy

Please let us know if you have come across these or any other dangerous people, places, or pastimes while visiting Midsomer!

Part 1 includes all of the episodes with Sergeant Troy.
Stay tuned for additional parts to the Midsomer Murders Guide to Danger!

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