If you liked Broadchurch, then you’ll love these shows

I distinctly remember the weekend we watched the first episode of Broadchurch, the British mystery phenomenon starring David Tennant and Oscar-winner Olivia Colman (Suspicions of Mr. Whicher). We were so captivated by the heartbreaking story that we ended up binging the entire series in two days.

I know we aren’t alone in saying that the first season of Broadchurch is singular in its shocking “resolution” and the perfect storm of excellent writing and acting by two of Britain’s most beloved actors. While we wait patiently to hear if there will be a fourth season (probably not, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed), here are five other brilliant mystery shows that are similar in the styling and tempo of Broadchurch.

1. The Baymystery-watchlist-shows-like-broadchurch-the-bay

The Bay stars Morven Christie (Grantchester, Ordeal by Innocence) as a detective sergeant and family liaison officer called into an investigation involving missing twins. Similar to Broadchurch, The Bay is set in a small coastal atmosphere where no one is being completely truthful. Watch Now

2. Big Little Liesmystery-watchlist-sunny-mystery-shows-big-little-lies

While American TV didn’t need a remake of Broadchurch, we did need the exceptional HBO adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s mystery drama Big Little Lies. Like Broadchurch, the tension builds from the first episode with a present day investigation and suspenseful flashbacks that crescendo to an explosive finale. Watch Now

3. Deadwater Fellmystery-watchlist-new-show-alert-deadwater-fell-david-tennant

We loved David Tennant in Broadchurch and we were thrilled to see him back in the genre with Deadwater Fell. Set in a small town in Scotland, Tennant stars as the village GP whose family is murdered. The series slowly peels away layers of lies and torrid secrets that led to this unspeakable tragedy. Watch Now

4. Keeping Faithmystery-watchlist-new-show-alert-keeping-faith

Keeping Faith is a mystery drama that stars Welsh actress Eve Myles as a family solicitor investigating the baffling disappearance of her husband. Teeming with anxiety, this binge-worthy series is similar to Broadchurch with its twists and turns that keep viewers guessing until the end. Watch Now

5. Top of the Lake

Terrible town secrets emerge around the disappearance of a 12-year-old in this haunting mystery drama set in a small New Zealand village. American actress Elisabeth Moss stars as a Sydney-based detective who battles her own personal demons while searching for the missing teenager. Watch Now

Did you love Broadchurch as much as we did? Tell us in the comments what you thought and if we’re missing other shows like Broadchurch.

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