If you like Midsomer Murders, then you’ll love these shows

Midsomer Murders was one of the first shows that I binge-watched and it soon became one of my favorite mystery shows. It has everything that I love about the cozy comfort murder mystery genre — illicit affairs, village gossip, and silly absurd deaths. So if you love the unflinching DCI Tom Barnaby and his trusty sergeants, then you’ll definitely love these shows like Midsomer Murders too.

The Brokenwood Mysteries
One of the things I like about Midsomer Murders is that it doesn’t delve into the private lives of Barnaby and his sergeants too much. Yes, you see Mrs. Barnaby’s hobby du jour and get a hint about what Barnaby’s deadbeat daughter Cully is doing with her “acting career,” but the focus of each episode is primarily on the murder mystery. DS Ben Jones worked on more than 50 cases and all I know about him is that he sings in the shower and likes busty brunettes.

If you like having your DCIs focused on the case at hand, then you’ll also like The Brokenwood Mysteries. While the show is set in New Zealand, the police team and the tone of the cases are similar. They don’t take themselves too seriously and the murders are never too dark and twisted. The scenery is beautiful, the stories are cozy, and I love the friendly New Zealander accents.

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Agatha Raisin

It has been my lifelong dream to live in a cozy British village (or a coastal town in Maine), which is why I love the comfort cozy mystery genre. Agatha Raisin is living my dream! She is totally awesome too. The show is snappier and a lighter roast than Midsomer Murders, but equally as satisfying if you’re looking for a good village murder to keep you company.

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Inspector Morse
If you’re looking for something a little more serious, but with the same DCI and sergeant dynamic, I highly recommend getting to know Inspector Morse. He’s a bit of a curmudgeon, but he relies on his faithful DS Lewis as much as Barnaby does on his sergeant. The episodes are longer and a bit more academic since the show is set in Oxford, but the storylines are complex like the first few seasons of Midsomer Murders. There is also the bonus of having the sequel and prequel shows (Inspector Lewis, Endeavour) to watch after you make it through the 12 seasons of Inspector Morse.

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Tell us what you love about Midsomer Murders and why in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear what you’re watching!

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