Hathaway vs. Hathaway

We’ve been binge watching Shakespeare and Hathaway, the cheeky British murder mystery show starring Mark Benton and Jo Joyner as private investigators in the Bard’s town of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Two things: firstly, we can’t help but notice that Benton looks like Chris O’Dowd’s (The IT Crowd) older, scruffier brother and secondly, that his character’s name is Frank Hathaway… Hathaway… Hathaway… Wait, why does that sound so familiar? Oh right! DI James Hathaway, Inspector Lewis‘s solemn and trusty right hand man.

I’m not sure if our mystery world can handle two Hathaways, but we did some soul searching (and fact checking) to see if we could. Read on to discover which Hathaway would make your ideal partner!

Frank Hathaway, Shakespeare & Hathaway
Former DI, now a private investigator

Partners in crime
Luella “Lu” Shakespeare and RADA-trained Sebastian Brudenell

Disheveled, often mistaken for someone’s drunk uncle

Who is Hathaway?
Frank Hathaway is an affable former Detective Inspector who became an underemployed private investigator who drinks on the job. Using his keen attention to detail, him and Lu often discover who the culprit is at the same time.

What’s in a name?
Frank Hathaway was cheekily named after William Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway.

DI James Hathaway, Inspector Lewis
Former DS, promoted to DI during final season

Partner in crime
DI Robbie Lewis

Cleancut, often isn’t taken for a policeman

Who is Hathaway?
DI James Hathaway is a serious, Cambridge-educated lad who smokes too much and joined the police force after almost becoming a priest. His quiet intelligence helps him and Lewis access Oxford’s ivory tower to find their murderer.

What’s in a name?
Russell Lewis, a writer for the Morse, Lewis, and Endeavour shows disclosed that the letters “THAW” in DS Hathaway’s last name is a tribute to the late actor John Thaw who played Inspector Morse.

Who would you choose to be your partner in crime?

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