Familiar Faces: Midsomer Murders Season 20

We have been enjoying Midsomer Murders Season 20 and noticed some familiar faces wandering around Britain’s deadliest county. The show is, and always has been, a veritable smorgasbord of popular British character actors. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite mystery show actors who make an appearance in Season 20.

Episode 20.1: The Ghost of Causton Abbey
In the Ghost of Causton Abbey, Amber Aga plays Emani Taylor a former PR executive turned brewery head. Amber may seem familiar to fans of Shakespeare & Hathaway, where she plays DI Marlowe, the stern head of police and former colleague of Frank Hathaway (Mark Benton, see below).

The talented Angela Griffin also shows up in the episode as Jenny Moss, the ex-wife of Emani’s husband Paul Taylor. Fans of the Morse series Inspector Lewis will recognize Angela as DI Hathaway‘s diligent sergeant DS Lizzie Maddox.

Episode 20.2: Death of the Small Coppers
This episode is chockfull of guest stars who also have feature roles in other mystery shows. Including Ms. Ellie Haddington who you likely recognize as Agent Hilda Pierce from Foyle’s War and Agatha Chudleigh in the final season of Ripper Street. In Death of the Small Coppers, Ellie plays Ginny Welton, the mother-in-law of the troubled Scott family.

Father Brown‘s nemesis Hercule Flambeau shows up in the episode too. The handsome John Light plays the erudite Luke Fawcett, the former colleague of a prominent butterfly collector. You may have also caught John in Inspector Lewis, Vera, Endeavour, DCI Banks, Maigret, and Jo — as we mentioned he is quite popular (and easy on the eyes!).

We wish every episode of Midsomer featured the happy-go-lucky Mark Benton! We will just have to be satisfied with watching him as the lead in Shakespeare & Hathaway, where he stars as the disheveled PI Frank Hathaway. In Midsomer, Mark plays the bumbling Eddie Rowbotham, the local innkeeper and aspiring member of the elite IQ society, Circulous.

Peter Egan makes an appearance in the episode as Grady Palmerston, the unscrupulous head of Circulous. If you’ve been watching Unforgotten on PBS, you’ll recognize him as DCI Cassie Stuart’s live-in father Martin Hughes. Downton Abbey fans will of course know him as Lord Crawley’s beloved cousin “Shrimpie”.

The lovely Northern Irish actress Niamh McGrady stars as the town’s biology teacher Penny Kingdom in this episode of Midsomer. She can also be found starring as Danielle Ferrington opposite Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan in The Fall.

Episode 20.4: The Lions of Causton
In the Lions of Causton, British soap star Don Gilet plays Bill Viner, the highly motivated coach of a local rugby club. Don also plays psychological profiler Blake Albringhton in the dark mystery drama Loch Ness.

Tamzin Outhwaite, another prolific British soap star, pops up in the episode as a chocolatier businesswoman and the wife of Mark Adler, the owner of the rugby club. Tamzin can also be found breaking balls and sniffing out criminals as the stylish DCI Sasha Miller in the cold case mystery show New Tricks.

Episode 20.6: Send in the Clowns
Ferrabee’s Circus comes to Midsomer and with it comes murder and mayhem. Lorraine Burroughs stars as Freya Ferrabee, the sister-in-law to the circus owner. If you’re a fan of DCI Banks, you will recognize her as DS Winsome Jackman opposite Stephen Tompkinson and Caroline Catz. A popular actress, she can also be seen in Fortitude, Hard Sun, The Five, and Silent Witness.

So, how many mystery stars did you spy while watching Midsomer Murders Season 20?

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