Familiar Faces: Amanda Abbington

We are huge fans of Amanda Abbington and we’re looking forward to seeing her opposite Michael C. Hall (Dexter) in the upcoming mystery series Safe, which premieres on Netflix this Thursday, May 10th. While she is probably better known as being Martin Freeman’s partner onscreen and off (up until 2016), Amanda is a talented character actor who shows up in some of our favorite mysteries.

Crooked House
In Crooked House, Amanda plays the deliciously snobbish Clemence Leonides, the wife of the murder victim’s sniveling son. Her character’s dry cruelty makes her difficult to like amongst a very crowded house of suspects in this claustrophobic adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic tale.

Starring as Mary Watson, John Watson’s wife in Sherlock is probably Amanda’s most high profile role to date. Without revealing any spoilers, let’s just say Mary’s character is more than just Mrs. Watson. It’s also interesting to note that she filmed this role after she and Martin Freeman, who plays Watson, had broken up in real life.

Case Histories

In one of her most understated performances, Amanda stars opposite Jason Isaacs (Awake) in the series Case Histories. She plays lovelorn DC Louise Munroe who faithfully helps Isaac’s character, her former colleague turned private investigator Jackson Brodie.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot
Amanda had her first taste for stylish costume mysteries as Miss Blake in the Agatha Christie’s Poirot episode Cat Among the Pigeons. She stars opposite mystery show veterans Harriet Walter (Law & Order UK) and Anton Lesser (Endeavour) as the perfectly art deco ballet teacher and suspect.

Make sure to catch Amanda in Safe on Netflix starting Thursday, May 10th. We can’t wait to watch it, especially since the series is created by the prolific crime writer Harlan Coben.

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