6 Sunny Mysteries to Inspire the Start of Spring

Spring is starting slowly here in New York, so we’re bringing you six warm weather mysteries to give us all hope that sping and sunshine is on its way.

1. Death in Paradise
How could we not start off with the only mystery show that’s actually filmed on an island in the sun? Death in Paradise is your escape to shorts, tank tops, and intrigue. The mysteries are breezy, just like the superb ensemble cast who keep things light in the face of murder.

2. Rosemary and Thyme
You know it’s spring when Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme are on the case. Armed with trowels and wit, our favorite pair of gardeners-turned-amateur-sleuths can weed out your estate and the killer. Rosemary and Thyme is the perfect cozy comfort to usher in spring.

3. Veronica Mars
We’re California dreaming with Veronica Mars, Neptune’s ace private detective who also happens to be finishing high school. Put the top down and cruise through one of our favorite teen noir mysteries that stars Kristen Bell as the sassy sleuth.

4. The Closer
The sun doesn’t stop shining in Los Angeles and the crime doesn’t stop either. Good thing Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, aka The Closer, is on the case. Her sweet smile belies her bulldog interviewing skills that break down even the hardest of criminals.

5. Big Little Lies
It’s not all sunshine and roses in dreamy coastal California. Sex, lies, and murder hide behind the squeaky clean veneer of Monterey’s mommy culture. If you’re looking for a mystery with amazing views that’s hard to stop watching, then Big Little Lies is your show.

6. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
It always feels like summer in Australia, which is why Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries makes the list. On top of the fiery hot chemistry between the Miss Fisher and Detective Jack Robinson, you get stunning views of historic Ballarat which glows in the evening sun.

What are you watching to get out of that winter rut?

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