10 Cozy Mysteries to Watch on Acorn TV

Looking for an escape to someplace quiet and cozy with beautiful views and maybe, just maybe, a murder or two? Settle in with these 10 cozy mysteries to watch on Acorn TV, one of my favorite places to stream British, Australian, and New Zealander (!) mysteries.

There’s something for everyone, a few classics, one or two costume mysteries, and some much-needed laugh-out-loud quirky shows that should get you smiling in no time. Enjoy!

1. Agatha Christie Marple

While this series isn’t as cozy or completely true to Dame Agatha Christie’s original stories, they are still well-written and visually captivating stories that will keep you guessing until the end. Watch Now

2. Agatha Raisin

We put Agatha Raisin in the “snappy cozy” category. The series is more uptempo than most of the cozy comfort genre and it’s enjoyable to watch Agatha and her friends catch the bad guys of Carsely and have so much fun at the same time. Watch Now

3. The Brokenwood Mysteries

The Brokenwood Mysteries are like fine wine, they get better with age. The set up seems a little contrived at first watch, but the cast’s chemistry gets better and better with each season. And the New Zealand countryside, where the show is set, is alone worth the watch. Watch Now

4. Midsomer Murders

A list of cozy comfort British mysteries without Midsomer Murders? Not on our watch! This is the show that started our obsession with British television and continues to be one of our favorites! Watch Now

5. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

If you’re looking for a gorgeous costume mystery with a strong leading lady, look no further than Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Set in 1920’s Melbourne, the series has everything you want in a cozy costume mystery… murder, mayhem, and even a little romance! Watch Now

6. Mr & Mrs Murder

If you’re looking to watch something fun and light and probably a little predictable, then the Australian mystery Mr and Mrs Murder may be just what you need. Watch Now

7. Ms Fisher’s Modern Mysteries

We didn’t know what to expect with this spin-off of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but we’re glad we gave it a chance. This series captures the spirit of Phryne Fisher — and the chemistry between the Peregrine and Detective Steed, oh my! Watch Now

8. Murder in Suburbia

Quirky and cozy, Murder in Suburbia doesn’t take itself too seriously and the wisecracking banter between the two leading ladies keeps everything light and entertaining. It’s also an opportunity to see Caroline Catz before her serious stints on DCI Banks and Doc Marten. Watch Now

9. Queens of Mystery

Quite possibly the most charming cozy British mystery series of the moment, Queens of Mystery gives us a youthful heroine detective who solves village mysteries with her three crime novelist aunts. Think Agatha Raisin meets Midsomer Murders. Watch Now

10. Vexed
Silliness prevails in the British mystery series Vexed. Toby Stephens is frustratingly hard to watch, but easy on the eyes as he solves ridiculous crimes with his partners Lucy Punch (Hot Fuzz) in Season 1, and Miranda Raison (Dark Heart) in Season 2. Watch Now

These just happen to be our 10 favorite cozy mysteries on Acorn TV, which ones are your favorites?

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