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Do you love watching mysteries? Then you’re in the right place! We created the Mystery Watchlist as a place to share our love and enthusiasm for mystery TV shows and movies. Whether you’re in the mood for a dark Scandinavian thriller or a chipper English village whodunit, we suspect you’ll find the perfect show to fit your mood right here.

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Why don’t I see my favorite mystery show on here?
Don’t worry, we’re continuously posting new (and old) shows to the A–Z directory. We started with our favorites and will be building out the list to include every mystery show we can find. Have a show you’d like to see online? Email us at editor@mysterywatchlist.com

What is your commenting policy?
We created this website as a cozy and friendly space to share our enthusiasm for mystery shows. Kindly do not post spoilers and please refrain from bad language, hate speech, and personal attacks. All comments are subject to editorial review and will be deleted if deemed offensive or fall under any of the aforementioned categories.

What is your favorite mystery show?
Oh boy is that a difficult question! Like you, we’re sure it depends on our mood, the time of day, the weather outside—really, there isn’t just one show. We will say that if you’re looking for something smart and snappy, you should start with Agatha Raisin; if you’re looking to fall down the rabbit hole, try Broadchurch; and if it’s a dark and stormy night, Wallander is the perfect companion. Now it’s your turn, vote for you favorite mystery show over at our Reader’s Favorite Mystery Show Poll!

Can’t find your answer here? No worries, just email us at editor@mysterywatchlist.com

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